The 3D printed Bride and Groom

After weeks of frustration with my printer, I finally completed a project which has delivered a little piece of the awesome I promised you.

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending my friend K’s wedding.  Not only did she invite me to her wedding, she also allowed me to experiment with my 3D scanner.  The result was a unique and personalised cake topper, or should I say, Trifle Topper.

3D Printed Bride and Groom. An Australian First

This is an Australian first and I’m grateful to the lovely couple for being my guinea pigs.  It’s exciting to see new 3D scanning and printing technologies being put to beautiful use.  So often the talk around 3D printers is highly technical, geeky or engineering focused.  This application was all about smiles and personalising K’s day.

The happy couple
Thanks to the bride for the painting
Thanks to the bride for the painting

This is the first time that I’ve used my scanner to take a selfie.  It was a very steep learning curve.  I had to take top and bottom scans of the happy couple, mesh them together in post production, learn enough of Zbrush to remesh and sculpt the files into their final form.  We weren’t sure what size would look best on the day, so I modeled a few options and let K choose.

Then it was a matter of crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, arms and legs for the next 48 hours while the prints came off the flashforge.  I only had enough time for one print for each file before the wedding so I was just a little stressed.  Then came the thunderstorm at hour 20.  If the power went out, I was stuffed.  Thanks to Ergon, my print was safe. Phew.

So what’s next you ask?  Full colour prints, without the need for painting.  Though I am a little taken by the plain white.  I think it’s a very handsome adornment to any celebration, wedding or not.

Want one yourself? drop me an email or comment below and we can line it up.


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