MakerWare to the rescue!

Phew! After some pretty ordinary prints, I started to doubt whether I’d be able to produce prints of any quality with my current equipment.

The prints were ‘thready’ and it looked like there were seams up the side where the printer made its Z axis jump. Even small overhangs were rough. If I tried to print anything bigger than a chess pawn, Replicator G would crash. I was seriously starting to doubt I’d be able to produce a decent print.

Then came Makerbot’s Makerware. It was a bit fiddly but I finally managed to produce the correct file type and set it going



Hallelujah! A beautiful print after days of trying. Thanks to the 3D modelling talents of Silvester Jewellery, I have a very high res version of a statue from Edinburgh. The slicing settings were 100micron layers, 10% infill and temp of 230C. Print time was approx 4.5hrs. Happy days. I’m never going back to replicator g again. Lesson learned.

I still have some improvements to make, like re-level long the print bed as I did have a problem with the back corner curling. There’s so much more to learn but I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief that my machine produced this beauty.


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