Welcome + Hello

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog post.  I’m pretty excited to share with you my adventures into the world of 3D printing.  A few of you who know me have already heard me enthusing over the possibilities of 3D printing.  If you’ve been lucky, you’ve also heard my plans for using printing and scanning to make awesome new products.  In the interests of less talking and more doing, I’ll show you the products when they’re done.  They may become resounding success stories, or they may not, either way this will be a record of my adventures into the brave new world of 3D printing.

A bit about the name Tailor3d.

I do a bit of sewing in my spare time, though as a mother of two, that’s not as often as I’d like. I love sewing because I can take flat fabric and with the right planning, accurate measurements and cutting, I can fold and gather and stretch and stitch to create something that never existed before.  Sure I’ll take a pattern and use it as a jumping off point, but I have my own aesthetic and I usually end up with a remix of different patterns or my own take on something I’ve seen.  So to me, a 3D printer is just a different kind of sewing machine.  Just a different way to tailor the items that accessorise our lives.

So who am I?

In no particular order, I’m a Technophile, a Commercial Accountant, a Mum, an Entrepreneur, and a pretty average but none the less enthusiastic snowboarder among other things.  I’m also adept at avoiding housework and I’d classify running as a pet hate.

Please bear with me while I figure out this whole blogging thing.  I look forward to sharing my adventures and I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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